Nara 2D Game

NARA – 2D Game – IMGL

“At the outset, we take immense pleasure to welcome you to IMGL – Indian Mobile Gaming League. In our first address to the people, as we prepare for a Mega Launch soon, we feel proud to introduce this league, which is surely the – League of the Millennium! IMGL is set to change the way gaming and sports related leagues operate today. The League is the first ever endeavour to revolutionize the mobile gaming experience in India is designed to set up new standards for entertainment and mobile gaming industry not just in India but worldwide.

What we did

All the Design work.

“Graphics | UI & Buttons | Level Design | Environment | Props | Buildings” etc


The Sparrow & Ant – Children Book


The Sparrow & Ant

One of the very famous short story. 🙂

Let us enjoy reading this moral story of The Ant and the Sparrow. Once, A Sparrow saw an ant struggling in the water. He took pity on the ant and threw down a leaf. After some days, the ant saw the hunter aiming an arrow at the sparrow.

Read this book for remaining story…


What we did


Emote Empire – 2D Game

Emote Empire

Battle with 100 different Emotes in over 500 unique levels. Take your Emotes from level 1 to 100 to destroy tougher bricks and beat clever AI opponents – with 10 different levels of AI strength. Equip your Emotes with Special powers such as Bomb, Magnet and Acid to destroy more than one brick at any one time. Build and upgrade 10 buildings to buy and equip weapons, special powers and more in-game. There are 5 separate paddles you can equip to control your Emotes, each paddle has more life than the one before.


Lastmarch Ltd.

What we did

“Isometric Buildings with upgrades and other Assets”


Sepak Takraw – 3D Game

Splash Screen

Sepak Takraw

In Progress…

“Prepare to be wowed by the refreshingly new game of soccer. With martial arts and foot volley ball kind of gameplay interspersed the game gives a stunning.”


Ayo Labs

What we did

“3D Characters & Animations | Environments” etc

Supreme – 3D PC Game

Game Play

Supreme – PC Game

Supreme allows you to pursue your wildest dream ever, the dream that you’ve wanted to fulfill all your life. Your dream of owning and operating your own Pizzeria franchise that you will dominate the world with…err… we mean make everyone full and happy with? Yeah that.


Nexeon Studios

What we did

All the work related with Design & Animations.

“Graphics | Game UI | 3D Characters & Animations | 3D Props | Environment | Cars | Buildings” etc

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Dungeon Puzzle – 2D Game

2-Splash screen of game_ZE
Main Menu_ZE

Dungeon Puzzle

in progress…

What we are doing

All the work related with Design & Animations.

“Graphics | Buttons | Game Area | Puzzles | UI” etc

Beaver On Hoverboard – 2D Game


Beaver On Hoverboard

in progress…

What we are doing

All the work related with Design & Animations.

“Graphics | Buttons | Game Area | Characters | Background | UI | Spirits” etc


BG 02_ZE

3D Terrain

3D Terrain_ZE

Spirit Animation

Beaver Animation_ZE

UI Elements

All elements_ZE

Boar Hunter – 3D Game

Splash screen._ZE
all icons_ZE

Boar Hunter

Wild hogs are destroying your town! The farms, campgrounds, golf course, and even the school are all being overrun by dangerous wild hogs. Your job is to kill as many hogs as possible and get paid for your kills.

This 3D game uses the sensors in your device to aim at the hogs. These hogs aren’t easy to find, but there’s always at least one visiable on the screen. Good luck, and good hunting!

What we did

“Splash Screen | Icons | Buttons | UI | Boar Animation” etc


Fun Speed Boat Race – 2D Game


Fun Speed Boat Race

Get on a speed boat and take part in the race of your life. The course is full of obstacles. Other boats are crossing and want to push you off your path. Unfortunately there are still mines. Use your canon on board to clear your path. Experience fun speed boat races and set new records!

What we did

All the work related with Design & Animations.

“Graphics | UI | Buttons | Boats | Spirit | Game Area” etc


Hugo 3D – Game



The first Hugo game appeared first for the purpose of interactive television in 1990 and then for the Amiga, PC, and C64 computer platforms as Hugo and Hugo 2 in 1994-1996. Later, there were also Game Boy and PlayStation versions.

The other in the series included Hugo 3, Hugo 4, Hugo 5 and Hugo 6 for PC CD-ROM, and Hugo 2 ½ for Game Boy Color. Hugo Classic Collection games 1 to 4 are the compilations of the Hugo title.

What we did

All the work related with Design & Animations.

“Graphics | Game Play | 3D Characters & Animations | Environments | Game Intro” etc