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everything you want to know! we are artists not secret agents 😉

Where The Quality Of The Work Matters The Most

Zagreus Entertainment LLP is an independent game & animation studio that is dedicated in high-end, we make the most addictive and infectious game and film assets. We map your ideas and picture it together and share our AAA & Production House experiences. We are based in New Delhi, India.

We work as professionals and are fully dedicated towards our work! Our team of enthusiasts and professionals are extremely talented. All the artists are proficient and skilled, who hold an experience of more than 8 years in the field of Film, Animation & Gaming.

Our small in-house team has both the proficiency and volume to complete the projects of all kinds. We love to work and experiment new designs and styles. We take our projects as challenges and we never fail to surpass the expectations of our valued clients. We provide the services, which would readily fit in your budget. This is what gives us an edge over others.

Indeed, success comes to those who never lose hope and patience.


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Why Us


Communication is the vital part and relation that exists between us and our clients. We allow our clients to keep a track record of their project by contacting us 24×7 via mail/skype/phone.

Support You Can Trust
Support You Can Trust

We provide free support even after completion of the project.
You are not only a valued client, a friend too.

Indie Price
Indie Price

We provide the best packages and services that are super exciting and tremendously affordable. What are you waiting for? Contact us for further details and queries.

AAA Quality
AAA Quality

No matter the project is of the “low or high” profile, we have never compromised on the quality of work.
Afterall, professional artists are running this studio.

Art Services

Note: We test every gaming file in gaming engine before final delivery to ensure, hassle free programming for our clients.


    Game UI Design
    Isometric Game Art
    Sprite Sheet
    Character Design
    Concept Art
    HQ Illustration
    Background Design
    Children Books
    Manga Art


    High Poly – Character / Creature Creation
    Vehicles & Props Creation
    Environment Creation
    Background Creation
    HQ Keyframe Animation

    Feature Film
    Music Video
    Game Teaser
    Cinematic Trailer
    TV Commercial
    Short Movie
    Cartoon / Web Series


    Character Development (sci-fi, cartoon, realistic etc)
    Creature Creation
    Armors Design
    Gaming Props
    Hand Painted Texture
    Realistic Texturing / Mapping
    PBR Workflow


    Rig with Limited joints (as per Game Engine)
    Bone based or Blendshape based Facial Rig
    Biped Rig
    Quadruped Rig
    Machines and Vehicles Rig


    Character, Animals, Creature Animation
    Facial/Expression Animations
    Cartoon or Realistic Style
    Mechanical Animations
    Combat Animations
    FPS Style Animations
    Loopable Animations  (run, attack, fall etc)